Too much having fun is not good for the future

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Too much having fun is not good for the future

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18 years of age is the age that is crucial for the future of a person. At that age, maturity began to take shape well, life choices also can be taken with logical thinking. And there are a lot of big decisions waiting for you to grab at this age, because at the age of 18-an, relative people begin to set the direction of his life. Including decisions about romance, career, and of course financial.


You'll want to know how to manage finances at the age of 18-an, so that you can gain savings in the future.


Below are 7 ways to manage finances at the age of 18's, in order to obtain savings in the future:


1. Never Too Choosing At Work First


At the age of 18 years, a lot of young people who choose to work, and did not go to college because some people might think of college is not so important. As long as it has the passion and always wanted to learn to what is done will all be done.


But one thing is important, it could not hurt to try your first job, do not be too picky in the field of employment. Your first job may not offer a fantastic income or bonuses abound.


But from there you can learn about a business from scratch, and a work ethic that will lead you to success. Your first job is to learn so early doors a qualified person, and worth keeping. Take every opportunity that comes, no need to be picky. It's much better than idle and pass up the opportunity to learn.


2. Holding the Desire To Have Different Interest Up Strong Material


After receiving the first salary, certainly if you want to realize what you desire you during this time. All this desire to be purchased, that you feel you've been able to make money themselves. The desire for has a variety of items and try different experiences only legitimate if it wants you to do. But do not rush, wait until your financial condition is really stable and sufficient for you to do what you want.


For example, delaying the car payments and survive on a motorcycle you have, and will stay in the boarding simple and does not move into an apartment.


3. Being 5 Category Revenue Share


It is very necessary for you that you feel is wasteful. You should be able to share to any funds that you have to spend, and you should still be able to share all income for your future savings. Income is divided by five for five things:


Cost of living

Social costs and entertain guests

Costs to develop the quality of self

Cost holidays

Cost to invest


4. Have fun in a new way


Have fun you definitely need to avoid the stress of the job. Key in order to have fun but stay safe financially is, by making the activities fun theme each month. The main objective of creating a theme per month is, so you do not lose the ability to regulate themselves and to waste your money on unnecessary things.


5. Make three accounts


The function of making 3 this account to manage your financial expenditures and controlling all your shopping bill. The three accounts were used for the three spending:


The first account serves for regular expenses that you need each month

The second special account for your savings deposits

The third account for the expenditure of urgency


6. There should be alert to the social expenditure


The expenditure is often not realized by young people in their 20s are social spending. Hang out in the cafe after work with my friends, make a pact to eat somewhere iced tea only costs Rp 20 thousand to an invitation to watch the weekend that the price of the ticket 2 times the normal cost.


All of that, if not dealt with carefully, can spend your money coffers dramatically. To be safe, you need to have a specific budget for social needs. Set aside your salary each month for a budget sightseeing and socializing with friends.


If the money in the budget is up, it means you no longer can join the activities hang out and get-togethers coming up next month. This way you will be able to organize themselves. If you want to continue to join in the merriment along with a friend, you must be smart to choose the order.


7. The prestige Not Determined By Your Life Style


In addition to the cost of hanging out on social needs, other costs are often financial drain bag you is an invitation from a friend. Learning dare to reject any solicitation that does not match the ability of your pocket, because if you obey the prestige it will ruin the lives of finasialmu.


And the latest gadgets sometimes often affects young children who are just learning to make money themselves. Just because a sense of pride you with colleagues' you keep the desire to buy the latest gadgets. You should be able to organize your finances for investments and savings for, and emergency.


And that's the way to manage finances at the age of 18-an, because by controlling the finances well, you can find happiness in the future.

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